Selasa, 20 September 2011

Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you

Hold onto your cheese and crackers . . . this could beconsidered kind of gross and it’s certainly really strange  . . .

I remember a lot of my dreams.  Sometimes they’re vivid and sometimes they’revague.  Sometimes I’ll wake up with justan emotional recall and sometimes I remember details. 

Last night I had a fairly involved and complicated dream butthe part that is most vivid to me came to me suddenly when I performed thesimple and ordinary act of cracking my knuckles.  I dreamt that I cracked my pinky and itsnapped off at the knuckle.  It wasn’t abloody mess or anything.  In fact, theskin had already mostly grown over what should have been bare bone andflesh.  So, I’m running around trying waivingaround the nub of my pinky to get someone to help me to get the tip of my littlefinger reattached.  And they said Icouldn’t because it had already healed over. 

I don’t take much stock in dream interpretation but I lookedup the meaning for sh!ts and giggles.  Accordingto a number of different sources seeing fingers in a dream symbolizes physical and mental dexterity. They indicatemanipulation, action and non-verbal communication

I dreamt that a fingerfell off . . . supposedly that means that I am letting a situation dominate me or dictate how I behave.  Further more, dreaming of my little finger represents mental power, intellect, memory,and the power of communication.  Dreamingof knuckles indicates hard work and thoroughness.

Okay . . . so  . . .it means . . . hmmm . . .

Something I’m doing is influencing the way how hard I work or how well I'm doing stuff?

Whatever . . . you finger it out . . . I mean figure it out.

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