Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Well, ain't that just ducky

So, I’m reading the series of books . . . Zomblog 1 through3 by TW Brown . . . about a zombie apocalypse. It’s basically a journal of the survivor of said apocalypse.  As this person is writing they posed aquestion that was interesting enough  . .. to me . . . that I just had to seek out an answer. 

“WhenI see some places as remote as this and the last town affected the way theyare, I try to picture someplace that might have remained unaffected, and I can’t.  Over the past few years of the old world wemade everything so small.   I remember all the flues and viruses thatwould pop up.  It seemed that if a ducksneezed in some remote village in China,folks in Mexicowould start falling victim to a new illness then days later.”

So, DO duckssneeze?

Apparently they do.   QUACKCHOOOOOOO

I found a forum where the owner of Mr. Flippers, a youngsterducky,  was worried because he wassneezing . . . a lot . . . like 5 times over the course of 45 minutes.  She was worried that he was sick and thatwhatever he had would infect Mr. Flappers.

Little ducklings, like little kids, are more susceptible togetting a cold if they are exposed to water and cool air for too long. Theyneed to be kept warm and dry when they’re not out taking a swim.

Generally speaking, a sneeze from a duck doesn’t necessarilymean it’s sick.  Maybe he just horkedsome dust or something.  But, like you orme, if the sneeze is accompanied by other symptoms (like a runny nose) itshould be checked out.

So, there it is . . . mystery solved.  Ducks sneeze.

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