Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Another term for balloon is bad breath holder

If you have stinky breath do you know it?  Chances are no . . . most people are so desensitizedto their own smell that you probably wouldn’t know it if you reeked of corpseflower and Limburger cheese.

Most people are too polite to tell you that your breath smellsyucky.  People passing out all aroundwhile you’re talking may be a good indicator. So, if someone offers you a mint or a stick of gum that may be an oh-sosubtle hint that your mouth is a sulfur factory . . . so take it.

Since you can’t tell if you’re breathing stench or not there are acouple ways to tell.  And, no, breathinginto your hand and sniffing it doesn’t work. Remember, you think you smell as fresh as a newly hatched daisy nomatter how nasty you stink.

How can you tell?  You canstart by looking at it in a mirror.  Ifit’s white and scaly in appearance you can be fairly certain you’ve got dragonbreath.  A more sure fire way to tell isto lick the back of your hand, let it dry for a few seconds, and then smell thesurface.  If it stinks then . . . well .. . you stink. 

How do you fix it?  Mouthcooties don’t like oxygen so drink lots of water and chew gum that producessaliva . . . both of which are oxygen rich and help to get rid of those oralcritters.

How do you prevent it? Watch what you stick in your mouth. Stinky food equals stinky breath. Brush your teeth and yourtongue.  Yes, brush your tongue.  Scrub those buggers right off of there!

I hope this helps.  I’mbeing as subtle as I can.  YOU know whoyou are. 

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