Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

A morning without coffee is like sleep

Yesterday morning, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that I didnot need a cup of coffee.  I was, infact, too tired to make myself a cup.  Youwould think that that would have been fairly good indicator that I did, indeed,need a dose of caffeine but, whatever, it didn't happen.

Later in the day I was at work in a meeting with our $200/hour software developer consultant.  He was showing me and myboss how to make modifications to a form; very interesting and informative, Iassure you.  Really it is . . . well, forme it is.

Anyhoo, I’m sitting there paying attention to his demonstrationand suddenly I start fading.  Pretty soonit became a struggle to keep my eyes open. He looked in my direction to explain something and he said, “Whoa, you’resleeping.”  

I wasn’t actually asleep, butI was fighting it hard. “I am.” I replied, “You cantell?”  He said, “You look dazed and you’reeyes are practically crossed.”  He proceededto give me a dollar and insisted I go get a cup of coffee.  I balked. He said, “No, really.  I insist.”  Okay.  Albeitfor me to refuse free caffeine.  It wasthe best cup of coffee I’ve had in ages. He said, “Free coffee is always the best coffee.”

Lesson learned . . . make coffee in the morning even if you’retoo tired to make it.  Now, if I couldonly remember what he was trying to teach me . . . that was a lesson notlearned, apparently.

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