Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Away in the manger . . .

I'm not a particularly religious person and consequently do not attend church.  My sister and her family worship regularly and are very active in their religious community.  Consequently, my little niece is involved in the Christmas pageant.  Last year she was an angel . . . yeah right!  Hehe.  This year she was promoted to Mary.  So, like a good auntie I went to church to watch the pageant with my sister, brother-in-law and Mom.  
There was much joking around about lightening striking andfoundations crumbling and whatnot but even though I don't hold the same beliefsas they do I'm not uncomfortable entering the house of God.  

So, on the way to the church my mother . . . blesses herinsane heart . . . turns to me in the car and says with all sincerity andseriousness, "don't be nervous.  All you have to do is sit inthe pew and follow the service.  Nothing is going to happen."

My reply . . . "Moooooooooooooom".

Really??  Yeah, really. 

We enter the church, sit in a pew and, miraculously, nowrath of good occurred.  A true Christmas miracle.

The pageant was incorporated into the regular service . . .there was lots of singing of Christmas songs, reading of scripture, the pageant,followed by prayers and communion. 

The pageant went well. The story of the birth of Jesuswas read by the children of the parish.  The baby Jesus was played by alittle baby girl in a sparkly red dress.  My niece needed to practice herrole a little better . . . when she was supposed to be sleeping inthe stable, "Joseph" was sleeping in the hay while she waspropped up on one elbow surveying her adoring audience with a goofy grin on herface.   

However, the highlight of the event waswhen "Mary" and "Joseph" attempted toput "Jesus" into the manger.   The sequin clad saviorwanted no part of it.  Watching them attempt to put the baby in the mangerwas like watching someone put a cat into a tub of water . . . feet flailing andarms blocking . . . it was quite funny.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for ahappy New Year!

Okay . . . the Christmas rush is through.  Now we can all sit back and relax into the piles of empty boxes,  carelessly discarded wrapping paper and ribbons.  So, now what?   365 shopping days until next Christmas  . . . that's what!

Now, don't let me hear another word about Christmas for the next 11 months.  


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