Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Firewater Friday - Screw that!

I hold no claim to being a rock-n-roller.  In fact, I did not attend my first concertuntil I was the ripe old age of 19. Granted, it was David Bowie, but still. And, talk about nose-bleedseats?  If my seats were any higher inthe rafters I would have been sitting on the roof with the pigeons.

I’ve been to a few concerts since . . . does seeing NeilDiamond twice with my mom count? No? Okay . . .  seriously, the man puts on an awesome show.  Really!

Anyhoo . . .

My sister once scored me a pair a tickets to see BonJovi.  They were decent seats . . . firsttier on the side of the stage with a decent view of the action below.

I wasn’t and am not a big fan of Bon Jovi, but the price wasright and my sister-in-law thought they were the cat’s ass.  So, I treated her to dinner and the show,sure that it would be a fun evening.  I couldn’timagine how it could suck. Food, beer and rock-n-roll!  Woo hoo!

I remember the opening act well; it was the Jeff Healey. Ifyou don’t know who he was . . . and I say was because he died from cancer atthe terribly young age of 41 . . .  hehad a hit called Angel Eyes that was a Billboard top five hit for 22 weeks in1989.  You need a further clue he was theblind musician who played a role in the 1989 Patrick Swayze film Road House.  Anyhoo . . . he was amazing and he put on agreat show.

Bon Jovi was . . . well, I remember them coming on stage andstarting their opening song.  After that. . . mmmm . . . not so much.  I fellfast asleep . . . I mean I was horking some serious zzzz’s right there in themiddle of all that rock’n and roll’n and chicks- a’scream’n and mysister-in-law hoppin’ and a boppin’.

If you’ve ever been to a rock concert you know how loud theyare.  So, it takes some extreme talent tomaster the art of snoozing through all that noise. 

I . . . am . . . the . . . master.

Alright, I admit it.  I’mlame.  

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