Jumat, 18 November 2011

Here's mud in your eye!

There once was a man . . . a man blind from birth . . . who spenthis days sitting alongside the road to Jerusalem He had done nothing to cause his infirmary buthe was sightless, even so. 

One day he heard the approach of many feet.  Based on the party’s conversation he soon deducedthat the group was a rabbi with his followers trailing behind.  He was surprised to hear that they werespeaking of him to their leader.

The banter halted and the blind man was taken aback by the abrupthawking and spitting into the dirt by the rabbi, who was closest to him.  He was further confused by scraping sounds inthe dust near where he sat.  Without warning, seemingly out of nowhere, a thumb pressed hard againsthis unblinking eyeball coating with a moist earthy smelling paste.  He attempted to fend off the attacker when, again,a thumb pressed hard against his other eyeball, covering that one with muck, aswell. 

He felt his eyes, to feel what was there. "It's mud," the man exclaimed. "You've put mud in my eyes!"

Thegentle voice of the rabbi instructed him to go and wash it out in a nearbypool.

Understandingcame to the sightless man.  He had heardtell of healers using mud as a poultice to restore to health to the infirmed.

Hemade his way to the pool and as the mud washed away so did his blindness. 

The blind man who now could see became a follower of the rabbi . . . whose name just so happened to beJesus.

TheGospel according to John – Chapter 9

Theorigin of the toast . . . Here’s mud in your eye.    I kid you not!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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