Rabu, 30 November 2011

Thick as a brick

For those of you who know me and my hubby, you know we havea kitty and that we love our furry little girl.

Fuzzums . . . or The Fuzz . . . named so because, ironicallyenough, she’s, well, fuzzy. 

The Fuzz has some serious ‘tude and is quite acharacter.  I’ve had cats all my life andI have never had one with this much personality.  She’s a hoot and is truly a wonderfuladdition to our family.

The Fuzz has a plethora of toys, a blanket, a bed and . . .a brick.   Yes, you heard me right . . .a brick.  A big, ugly brick . . . and sheloves it. 

If you’re wondering how a brick made its way into ourhousehold, my husband stuck it in with one of my Christmas presents last yearso that I wouldn’t be able to guess what it was when I picked it up.  And, it never left because the catimmediately glommed onto it.

She rubs on it, sticks her paws inside it, lies up againstit and generally just hangs out near it.

I understand that it’s cool and it’s rough, so it probablyfeels good when she’s lovin’ it.  And shedoes love it.  But, really . . . it’sjust a brick.

She’s funny.

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