Jumat, 11 November 2011

Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face.

I hate what the world is coming to . . .

The other day I was grabbing a dose of caffeine from thecafeteria where I work.  The cashier . .. an older gentleman . . . said to me as I handed him my a dollar bill, “justthe coffee, honey?”.

As I’m pouring the elixir of alertness he came up to meand apologized, not once by three times. AND he said he hoped he hadn’toffended me.  For what?  Well, for calling my honey.

I assured him he hadn’t offended me in the slightest.  He told me that someone had said something tohim about it the other day who hadbeen offended.  Can you believe that??

For what?  Beingpolite?  Being sweet?    He’swasn’t hitting on me, for God’s sake.  Hewas just being nice.

All this political correctness crap is . . . well . . .crap.

I’m living in a world of hyper-sensitive ninnies!

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